Teachings Of Kongfuzi: Meditation of Apprehension

by Pandaz

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released August 5, 2011

Artwork - Ste James steeveej.deviantart.com



all rights reserved


Pandaz Cleveland, Ohio

Pandaz is a funk, rock, rap amalgam that prides itself on its diverse arrangements, complex yet accessible melodies, and unique harmonies. The band consists of founding members Nic Prellwitz and Joel Pendery along with John Moyer. Originally created in 2005 the group revised their sound and recorded "Teachings of Kongfuzi: Meditation of Apprehension" in 2010. ... more

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Track Name: From The Journal Of Sir Christopher Wellington III
The jungle's where it's at
My natural habitat
We eat bamboo all day
And then we start to play.
And if you have to wait
For someone's five or eight
Don't worry bout a thing
Come on and join our song...and sing!
Track Name: Qin Shihuandi Eats A Pair (Get Outta My Dojo!)
I’ve got the sun in my hand
I’ve got the moon in my plans
And in the meantime you’ll do fine 
I’ve got my head in the sand
I feel the beat of the land
So if I find a way, the rest will fall in line.   

The strictures, they come unwound
From everything that we’ve bound
The sticks and stones, they decay
To sand and blow far away 
I’ve got the diamond in view
It’s got a hold on you
And in the meantime adjust your sight 

I am the one that you’d betray
I synchronized night with day.
I’ve got it all locked away.
It’s hot, what I will convey 

I took a mop to a mess
And got some dirt off my chest
I got a powerful hose
And sprayed it right up your nose
I saw the future so clear
And it caused a tear
I saw your smile was gone
Saw my clothes on the lawn 
In the meantime, adjust your sight
I’ve got my foot in the door
I’ve got a carpeted floor
And if I find a way, I’ll work it just right
If I find a way, I’ll work it all night 

And your eyes will shine, all night all night long
Track Name: Hiro the Barbarian
Hey there Hiro so dark and worn
Disguised as a lover, but so forlorn.
You're cold as the ocean up to the north,
Hiro what have you done.

Fresher than a mountain lion lyin' at the summit
Got her digits in my pocket rockin' on like Lyle Lovett.
I'm never ever clever enough to sever squalor,
but her number slumbers in my cell because I never called her.
Well thinkin' this condition wishin' I could keep it hush.
and its not valet service here we leave in a rush.
We let the clientele propel the sell, I rock it well, until I'm gel
Spend 'em, mend 'em, send 'em back cause Benzy never tells.
Well someone has to be the one to drag you to the store
and if its rainin' then we'll dodge the drops until it starts to pour.
And then I'll save your life as I dual with the rain, as I try to attain a higher plane with my brain.
And we'll see how many people admire the mantra
of a couple of the illest of ill
Cause you know you'll never find a better answer to your prayers
Cause we're here in your ear to alleviate all of your fears.
Track Name: Bribing The Yushies
Shoulda gone the other way
One mistake
But it happens everyday
I can’t decide
Whether I should go or stay
Just outside
The city walls of blue and gray
I’ll say goodbye 

Nice try
Who’ll believe your alibi?
I’m your samurai

I broke the common law
Ran away
In my rickshaw
Find who to bribe
With the silver panda paw
Yushi guide
Me to the one you saw
From the roadside 

Ahhhhh Yushi
Through my arms again
Track Name: Ricky Ticky Tambo
Here I come fool, it’s about to get wild
I’m fresh as the sun but with a nocturnal style
Enough to go around for ladies smart enough to listen
You’ll know what you’ve been missin once I get into your system
The people cry out when I pass through the villa
Chasin out Borilla cuz I’m still a rilla killa
You know he knew about the dankest bamboo
But I’ve been refining my technique, and now I’m bringin it to you
In a little package labeled “handle with care”
Inside you’ll find despair from a killer panda bear
A human hunter, furious, chill, and all the while
Still bustin out the beats of the elusive panda style
I r-r-r-romp stomp and chomp with jaws as cold as ice
Coolin down the spice before you burn your bowl of rice
The Presidents of residence, I know Barack Obama
He sipped on tea with me when we met the Dalai Lama 

Above the golden canopy I called upon a star
To come to me and cast me off to places where you are

Bringin a new decree from the east sea
The direction that you need is a possibility
I’d come on land to save you but you can’t afford it
And my sexual vessel says you couldn’t board it
I ride waves with devil rays; they ain’t got nothin on me.
If you say they rule the sea then I’m a Murder Tsunami
This kind of liquid is a weapon that I savor
No medication I’d prescribe to stop the effects of water vapor
I get into your lungs like smoke; you start to choke
You think I’m playin battleship but son this ain’t no joke
I call out D-9 and fire a torpedo
And don’t get mad at me for looking better in a Speedo 
No matter where you go
I’ll find out where you are
No matter where you go
I’ll find a shooting star 

So many times I’d say,
Wait for another day...

Above the golden canopy I gaze upon the stars
And wish aloud that you and I were closer than they are
I saw above the trees, but only went so far
And I could not believe that you had gone to join the stars 
Track Name: Smooth Tamale
I can leave if you want to
See the end of rant and rave
And in the sea I would haunt you
Til the waves evaporate
And in the long run, I’d perform again
To see the dawn break underneath the sand 

Feel the undertoe 
If it makes you happy, keeps you so low
Feel the answers grow
And maybe avoid the pain  

I can’t see where you’ve gone to
Seem available again
And I can read into all you’ve
Made a mess of in the end
And in the long run
I’d extend a hand
To see the dawn break
Out over the land 

Don’t go to such trouble
I’d go through anything 

Can’t deny that I want you
I resist but can’t contain
All the moves that I go through
Just to bring you back again
And in the long run
I’d extend a hand
To see the dawn break underneath the sand 
Track Name: Roger Klotz (Dig It)
Welcome to the end, gotta view from the window sill
The air is chill, perfect atmosphere to make my kill
You laughin still? Nah, you’ve gone and went soft
Leavin traces of your skill, I gotta hose to rinse it off
Of my grill in Brazil, and my game is flaw-less
Carr-dawg lost his mind 7 times when he saw this
I’m lawless, you gotta know the cops’ll never get me
My mind is like the Ledger and I’ll make this town a frenzy
In my benzy, riding with my crew of high rollers
Ya we laughin, double passin up your stroller
Controller, power in my hands the size of Shaq’s
Snatchin up your ladies when I’m layin down my mack
On crack, these rocks are like the faces on Mount Rushmore
I’ll break’m down but I feel the need to crush more

I’m in the way, and always going down the drain
I feel the same.... always going down the drain 

I dig it.  Ya, I dig it
Don’t you get it?  Tellin’  you I dig it
Rollin’ when I kick it
And then I feel it all unwind
And I know you’re mine cuz it’ll never be the same... 
So what would you desire, ‘fore I throw you in the fire?
You know what I admire?  The finest weed in the shire
Optimism feeds my delusions and deceit
I’d been watching with my knife securely weighted in its sheath
It’s a pressing situation knowing it won’t end in a win for you
Full of frustration when the mind gives off a ripple to
Some misconception spun like threads intertwined
A redesign of your position that’s been disinclined
But surely magnitude of my attitude controls the view
So don’t be rude and brood about your feelings that are misconstrued
It’s not the time, I really must insist
Just feel the flow and know although you’re gone you won’t be missed
I’ll re-adjust the way we think about the game
I’ll put that mirror up so that I can show you who’s to blame
It’s a haunting revelation putting uncertainty to shame
But I guess I’d rather fuse the two and think it’s all the same

It's comin down again, but I can't feel the rain 
and it makes me feel the same for you. 
Comin down again I know that I can't feel the rain 
and I think I’d go insane for you
Track Name: Koala Tea
Don’t feel so troubled
Get lost in the bubbles
They float, light and free
From my koala tea 
I perk up all the more
When I hear the sweet tender pour
Of something just for me
It’s called koala tea 

Tea for me,
tea for you
Please enjoy the tea I brew 

It softly simmers like a dream
And goes very well with cream
It’s quite plain to see
I enjoy koala tea 
Just as a lover you’ve kissed,
There’s passion in the mist
In time you’ll agree
And drink koala tea 

OOOoooo Shalala!
OOOoooo Koala!